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About Our Platform

Plydis is mobile-to-cloud platform allowing to connect wholesalers with distributors, aimed to optimize expenses for product delivery and allow distributors to grow in fast way, providing performance tracking by collecting data from sales representative mobile apps in real-time.

Mobile Application

Plydis is a mobile application for sales repesentatives working within distribution company that connects to cloud platform and to many different ERP systems, like MS Dynamics, SalesForce, Priority, 1C:Enterprise.

Data Collection & Aggregation

Our application allows collection of data in real-time, planning routes for sales representative and providing specific tasks and goals that are required by wholesalers. Data aggregation provides ability to look at distribution activities as whole and track delivery performance, optimise different areas of your business.

Bandwidth Aware

Many distributors work in rural areas and we acknowledge that by providing an `offline` mode. Your sales representatives need to synchronize before going in-route and feed data at the end of the shift when broadband is available.

Goal & Tasks Management

Our system provides multi-layer goal and tasks system, allowing everyone in a company work on specific tasks leading to company goals in terms of delivery time, operational income and many other. You can set task importance, specific characteristics and requirements.

Easy To Customize

We listen to our customers and provide integrations and features on-demand to support specific cases of your needs. We have more than 80 different settings that allow you to customize

Plydis Cloud

All in one, standalone cloud instance for managing specific settings or even providing a very simplistic ERP system in case if you want to stay in cloud and don't want to connect with other platforms

How The App Works?


Registed in a system with desired license and provide information about your business needs. We'll provide resources and information that will to adopt to your business processes quickly.

Connect Your Datastore

Attach ERP system that used in your company and sync with cloud platform.

Prepare Business Processes

Setup settings required by business process. Cloud configuration has more that 120 different settings that control functionality of mobile application and visibility of UI elements. You can set settings for whole division or particulary for a user.

Connect employees

Install Plydis application to your empolyees devices, add them to the system, generate tasks and routes and start your work process.

Our Pricing Options

We provide 2 standard packages that allows to integrate with 1 ERP you choose (MS Dynamics, SalesForce, Priority). For specific configurations please write at contact@plydis.com and we can discuss more advanced options suitable for your orgnanization. Our feature rich settings system allows to customise mobile application specifically for a single user. That way you need to install application only once but depending on a user role can have much more functionality.

Small Business


5 Users / Month

  • 2GB Storage
  • 4GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Division
  • No Integrations
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Medium Business


20 Users / Month

  • 4GB Storage
  • 6GB Bandwidth
  • 4 Divisions
  • ERP integrations
  • Advanced Customization
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